Online Filing Tax Returns 2013

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  • What is NETFILE?
    NETFILE is one of our electronic tax-filing options. This transmission service allows you to file your personal income tax and benefit return directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using the Internet. You can only transmit your own tax return to the CRA using NETFILE. You cannot transmit tax returns on behalf of your clients.
    NETFILE is intended for the millions of individuals who use commercial software to manage their financial affairs and prepare their tax returns. These individuals can transmit their own tax returns using the CRA's free Internet transmission service, NETFILE. In the past, they had to print and mail their tax returns.
    The NETFILE transmission service to electronically file your 2011 personal income tax and benefit return is open from February 15, 2013, until September 30, 2013.
  • Who can use NETFILE?
    NETFILE is available to most Canadians; however, there are some types of tax returns that cannot be submitted electronically. Please refer to CRA web site at   Restrictions Web page for these exceptions. Please also check the MBOTAX's   Restrictions
    Tax preparation service providers cannot use NETFILE to file tax returns on behalf of their clients. They must use EFILE.
  • Why use NETFILE?
    NETFILE is an easy-to-use, convenient option for filing your personal tax return. It streamlines the tax-filing process and offers the following benefits:
    • secure and confidential;
    • faster refunds (in as little as eight business days);
    • greater accuracy (with the use of software, we don't re-key the information, and there is less chance of errors);
    • no paper return to mail;
    • no receipts to send in, unless we ask for them at a later date; and
    • immediate confirmation that the CRA received your tax return
  • What is a Netfile Web access code?
    The Netfile Web access code is provided by the government to taxpayers so that they may use the Netfile service. It is used along with your social insurance number to identify you on the Netfile site. See the next question about how to get one.
    Your Netfile Web access code is printed on your personalized mailing label in the income tax package that you received from the CRA. If you lost the label or never got it, get one online by clicking here or call the CRA's Netfile Help Desk at 1(800)714-7257. They will provide you with an access code. When you call, have on hand your 2011 tax return and notice of assessment.
    For more information about Access to NETFILE, please visit CRA's web page Access to NETFILE
  • Why Choose MBOTax?
    To use NETFILE, you should have a commercial software or online application to generate a .tax file for your return and transmit it to CRA through NETFILE services. MBOTax is a web application developed for you to file your tax return by using NETFILE. MBOTax provides not only the .tax file, but also provides PDF format tax return for you to download and to print. For detailed information about the features of MBOTax, please visit our What's new page.
    1).Mode 1 - Based on T1 In this tax filing mode, you will file your tax return based on T1. There are links directing you to related forms while you fill T1. This mode is easy, quick and direct. This mode is suitable for all users.
    2).Mode 2 - Form Mode All the forms are very similar to the real forms, which will make user easier to enter their information. For example when a user enters T4 slips, he must have paper T4 slips aside. Our T4 slip is just like the paper T4 slip in layout. In this tax filing mode, you choose the forms needed for filing your tax return and then fill these forms. This mode is suitable for experienced users.
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